Mental Health in Children and Young People

In December 2022, NIHR's Health Technology Assessment, Efficacy and Mechanism Evaluation, Public Health Research, and Health and Social Care Delivery Research Programmes put out a broad call for research around Children and Young People's Mental Health.


In January 2021, a highlight notice was published by the NIHR Health and Social Care Delivery Research Programme asking for applications from researchers in this area.  This has resulted in the following two research studies:

What CAMHS interventions predict positive outcomes for which young people with a social worker: A mixed-methods study of clinical support and cost-effectiveness utilising linked operational data

NIHR research in progress

MAPS: Mental Health Admissions to Paediatric Wards Study

NIHR research in progress 

Enhancing CAMHS Referrals (EN-CAMHS)

Addressing priority 3:  NIHR research in progress

This study team aims to understand what the difficulties are in making referrals to CAMHS services. They want to improve the quality of referrals to CAMHS services so that only children and young people who can be helped by CAMHS are referred; and so that others can be guided to receive help they need elsewhere.