Living With and Beyond Cancer

RAPTOR: Randomised Controlled Trial of PENTOCLO in Mandibular Osteoradionecrosis

Addressing priority 6: NIHR research in progress

Most treatments for head and neck cancer include radiotherapy, and despite advances in planning and doses, this leaves survivors at risk of significant late effects. One of the most severe complications is osteoradionecrosis 'bone death caused by irradiation'. Some studies of osteoradionecrosis suggest that a combination of three medications (pentoxyphylline, tocopherol, and clodronate: PENTOCLO) may be capable of complete resolution without surgery. Some research suggests that just over half of patients get benefit, but this has yet to been proved, particularly in comparison with other treatments This trial proposes to compare PENTOCLO medications against standard supportive medications such as antibiotics, mouthwash and painkillers. 

Prehabilitiation: Living with and beyond cancer

A cross-programme NIHR call for research was advertised to researchers.  Applications addressing research priorities identified through the JLA PSP were particularly encouraged, and the call has resulted in:

Fit4Surgery 2: A randomised controlled trial to investigate an App-based,  motivation-theory grounded, personalised, comprehensive, prehabilitation programme versus usual care to enhance recovery of physical function and reduce complications after lung cancer surgery

Addressing priority 9:  NIHR research in progress

Evaluation of PeRsOnalised PrEhabilitation in acute myeloid Leukaemia (PROPEL)

Addressing priority 9:  NIHR research in progress

Mapping and Identifying Quality and Inequality in Prehabilitation for Cancer Surgery: Evidence for Improvement

Addressing a priority question:  NIHR research in progress

Inclusive prehab (I-Prehab) to address inequity in cancer outcomes: mixed-methods evaluation research to enhance access, acceptance and adherence

Addressing priority 6: NIHR research in progress