Kidney Transplant

Mechanistic Evaluation of Treatments for Acute Antibody-Mediated Rejection of the Kidney Transplant

Addressing one of the Top 10 priorities: NIHR research in progress

There is currently a clinical trial for UK kidney transplant patients who develop acute antibody-mediated rejection (AAMR), called TAR:GET-1. Patients participating in TAR:GET-1 will either receive the standard treatment that is currently given in this situation, or the standard treatment with the addition of rituximab. TAR:GET-1 will answer the question: does adding rituximab to standard treatment lengthen the life of a kidney transplant? This research conducts a second, sub-study of the patients enrolled in TAR:GET-1, that will use the existing blood and biopsy samples already taken during TAR:GET-1 plus an optional extra biopsy of the kidney transplant, to improve our understanding of how the treatments of AAMR work. 

A UK multicentre randomised controlled trial to determine the efficacy of treatments for acute antibody mediated rejection in renal transplantation

Addressing one of the Top 10 priorities This NIHR-funded trial in UK patients with acute antibody mediated rejection will test the most promising two treatments. It has been designed with input from patients, the UK Kidney Research Consortium, leading transplant specialists, and experts in clinical trials. 


Addressing a range of the priorities: Commissioning brief advertised to researchers by the NIHR EME programme