The Development and evaluation of a digital intervention for hyperacusis: internet Self-Help, Understanding, and Support for Hyperacusis (iSHUSH)

Addressing priority 10: Research in progress. Supported by a National Institute for Health and Care Research NIHR Post-Doctoral Fellowship (PDF-2018-11-ST2-003).

People experiencing hyperacusis are often isolated and unable to function in daily life or socialise with friends and family. These problems are exacerbated by a lack of knowledge about hyperacusis and appropriate coping strategies. Online education and self-help interventions have been shown in other similar conditions (e.g. tinnitus and chronic pain) to reduce psychological distress and anxiety, provide immediate patient benefit and offer an alternative option for those unable or unwilling to attend clinics or access psychotherapeutic interventions (Beatty & Lambert, 2013). This fellowship project, led by Dr Kathryn Fackrell, will develop and evaluate an educational and self-help online resource to support people with hyperacusis to learn about hyperacusis and how they can best help themselves in certain situations.