Amputation Top 10 Priorties (priority setting in association with the JLA)

A workshop was held on 25th January 2021 to bring together patients and healthcare professionals to jointly agree a priority list for amputation research.  The results were as follows:

Priorities 8a-c were ranked equally at the workshop.

  1. How can we reduce the rates of major lower limb amputations?

  2. What are the best ways to support rehabilitation following amputation?

  3. How can we improve clinical outcomes for patients following major limb amputation?

  4. What are the best ways to prevent or treat pain (including phantom pain) after amputation?

  5. How do we improve the information provided to patients undergoing amputation?

  6. In a person who has undergone a minor amputation in the foot, how are the chances of a subsequent major lower limb amputation above the ankle reduced?

  7. How do you improve healing of the amputated stump?

  1. a) In a person who has undergone amputation, how do you reduce the chances of amputation in the other limb?

  1. b) How do we optimise prosthetic limb use following amputation?

  1. c) When is it appropriate to perform a major amputation?

The following questions were also discussed and put in order of priority at the workshop:

  1. Is through or above knee amputation better?

  2. What are the best mobility aids following amputation?