The Most Premature Babies

The Most Premature Babies PSP will work with clinicians, parents/carers of the most premature babies, and adults who were themselves born extremely premature to identify uncertainties about the management and care of babies born at less than 25 weeks’ gestation (more than 4 months early).  

This survey has been initiated and is conducted by the INPRES Partnership. INPRES (the International Perinatal Research Partnership) is a partnership between the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute’s (MCRI) Melbourne Children’s Trials Centre (MCTC) and the University of Oxford’s National Perinatal Epidemiology Unit (NPEU) Clinical Trials Unit. Our vision is to form a collaboration which improves the health of newborn infants and their families, through high-quality research, whereby the productivity of the collaboration is greater than the sum of the individual centres.

The PSP is funded by the Nuffield Department Public Health (NDPH) Pump Priming Scheme in the UK and the Royal Children's Hospital, Australia.  


Key documents

The Most Premature Babies PSP protocol

The Most Premature Babies PSP Steering Group terms of reference