Ocular Inflammatory Disease Top 10

  1. What are the most effective treatments for ocular and orbital inflammatory diseases?
  2. What causes thyroid eye disease?
  3. Can the severity of ocular and orbital inflammatory disease in an individual be predicted?
  4. Is it possible to prevent further occurrences of retinal damage caused by toxoplasmosis?
  5. What causes birdshot retinopathy?
  6. Why does disease burn out in patients with ocular and orbital inflammatory diseases?
  7. Can early detection methods be developed for ocular and orbital inflammatory diseases?
  8. What medications best prevent the development of eye disease in Behcets?
  9. What causes scleritis?
  10. Can diet or lifestyle changes prevent uveitis from developing?

The following questions were also discussed and ranked in order of priority at the workshop:

  1. How often should tests be run for ongoing chronic uveitis and is current monitoring safe?
  2. Could biomarkers be used to track disease progression in thyroid eye disease?