Priority 12 for Setting priorities for social care research in Wales

UNCERTAINTY: How does the setting in different parts of Wales (e.g. the availability of transport and accommodation) affect how well older people can live independently?  (Priority 12)
Overall ranking 12
JLA question ID 0102/12
Explanatory note Older people/ carers questioned whether people can get to services if transport is limited in parts of Wales. Practitioners additionally asked about whether there is enough suitable housing in different parts of Wales to meet people’s needs for sheltered housing etc. 

CARTER Lauren, HILLCOAT-NALLETAMBY Sarah Housing for older people in Wales: an evidence review 2015 Public Policy Institute for Wales 

Health Research Classification System category Generic health relevance 
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Original uncertainty examples

The way barriers such as transport, benefits, suitable accommodation can effect individuals and their social interaction and social contacts   Different areas of wales have different challenges in this aspect and feel need to do comparisons in areas and how individuals independence can be maintained, improved and supported for as long as possible. ~ Avaliability of services across Wales including rural settings. How much does transport issues affect participation in the rural areas? ~ provide partially owned well designed well built 2 bedroom bungalows where carers can socialise with other like minded individuals local authorities let too many be sold off ~ Transport is an issue – a lot of people are unable to go out without transport. But transport is limited – so a big barrier. 

Submitted by 2 x group members (a mix of older people and carers), 2 x practitioners 
Project information
Project unique ID 0102
Project name Setting priorities for social care research in Wales
Total number of uncertainties identified by this project. 35  (To see a full list of all uncertainties identified, please see the detailed spreadsheet held on the JLA website)
Date of priority setting workshop 16 & 17 September 2020