This PSP was brought together following an exercise by the University of Swansea to identify uncertainties from patients, carers and clinicians about treatments for schizophrenia, to populate a module on the UK Database of Uncertainties about the Effects of Treatments (UKDUETs). In addition, further uncertainties were identified from research recommendations and other relevant literature. 

The Steering Group included representatives from the University of Swansea Medical School, the Cochrane Schizophrenia Group, Hafal, Rethink, the Institute of Psychiatry, the Mental Health Research Network Service Users in Research project and UK DUETs. 

The full list consisted of 237 uncertainties. During 2010, the PSP worked with patients, carers and clinicians to rank the long list, resulting in a short list of 26 uncertainties. These were taken to a final priority setting workshop in January 2011.

The Schizophrenia PSP Top 10 was published in January 2011.

Key documents