Safe Care for Adults with Complex Health Needs

This PSP focused on safe care for adults with complex needs (such as those who have more than one illness or disease or condition or disability).  People with complex health needs will potentially need care from a range of services and settings, including primary care (e.g. GPs), secondary care (e.g. hospitals), community health services, mental health services, and social care either at home, in a care home or nursing home.  Their care will evolve over time and typically become more complicated as time passes. 

Many healthcare providers have a good track record in providing safe care.  However, too many patients continue to be harmed by avoidable mistakes in their care that could be prevented.  Our understanding of the problems and what might help healthcare providers and patients has greatly improved over recent years, but there are still many unanswered questions. This PSP identified the Top 10 areas that need research to make care safer for adults with complex health needs, by asking patients, carers, the public and healthcare staff about what their unanswered questions are and prioritising them.

This PSP was run by the National Institute for Health and Care Research Imperial Patient Safety Translational Research Centre.

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The Safe Care for Adults with Complex Health Needs PSP Top 10 was published in January 2019.

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Key documents

Safe Care For Adults with Complex Health Needs PSP Protocol

Safe Care for Adults with Complex Health Needs PSP Terms of Reference