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UNCERTAINTY: What factors affect which body tissues (joints, skin, tendons) and which areas of the body (legs, hands, feet) are affected by psoriatic arthritis and why? (JLA PSP Priority 15)
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JLA question ID 0108/15
Explanatory note This question explores how the disease can manifest itself and if that can be predicted from the outset and, if so, can we modify this?  For example, which patients will develop foot problems, or back problems or problems with joints rather than entheses.  

This question has been partially addressed in the evidence base from the following systematic review:
Pittam 2020. Enthesitis, dactylitis and nail disease are highly prevalent in PsA, but not uveitis and IBD. Extra articular manifestation patterns differ from axial SpA despite their shared disease mechanisms, which may help further understand differences between spondyloarthritides. More studies are needed on the impact of EAMs on disease outcomes such as response to treatment 

Health Research Classification System category Inflammatory and immune system
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Original uncertainty examples Only one side of my body is affected (left from shoulder all the way down to the toes) why?  
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PSP name Psoriatic Arthritis
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Date of priority setting workshop 12 July 2021