Pressure Ulcers

The Pressure Ulcers PSP acknowledged two particular challenges:  

  • A significant proportion of people with pressure ulcers find it difficult to participate in activities outside their homes due to age and co-morbidities
  • There were no existing patient-led groups specifically representing the interests of people with (or at risk of) pressure ulcers.

Knowledge about the demographics and diversity of patients with pressure ulcers was limited, but the PSP knew that this JLA partnership needed to develop an innovative strategy to produce meaningful patient, carer and clinician involvement in research agenda setting.  It was necessary to try more than one method and to vary methods between groups in order to develop an accurate understanding of the clinical uncertainties of patients, carers and clinicians.

The initiating partner for this PSP was the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) Wounds Research for Patient Benefit Programme.  This is a research initiative involving Leeds Community Healthcare and the Universities of York and Manchester.

The Pressure Ulcers PSP Top 10 was published in May 2013.

Key documents