Metastatic Breast Cancer (Canada)

Breast cancer is the most common cancer among women worldwide. Approximately 25,200 new breast cancer diagnoses were made in Canada in 2015 alone. In developed countries, it is estimated that approximately one third of women diagnosed with early breast cancer will develop Metastatic Breast Cancer over the course of their disease.

Significant advances in treatment of metastatic breast cancer have been made such that patients are living many years with metastatic disease. As more people are living with metastatic breast cancer for longer, the need for research that focuses on questions that are relevant to these patients and their caregivers’ increases.  This PSP was funded by the University of Calgary and supported by The Canadian Breast Cancer Network.  

The Metastatic Breast Cancer PSP Top 10 was published in May 2018.

 Key documents

Metastatic Breast Cancer (Canada) PSP Protocol