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UNCERTAINTY: What is the best way of educating patients about transplantation before their operation?
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Existing Systematic Review: Urstad, K H. ; Wahl, A K. ; Andersen, M H. ; Oyen, O ; Hagen, K B . Limited evidence for the effectiveness of educational interventions for renal transplant recipients. Results from a systematic review of controlled clinical trials. Patient Education & Counseling. 2013;90(2):147-54 PMID: 23199794

Existing Randomised Controlled Trials: Soltannezhad, F. ; Farsi, Z. ; Jabari Moroei, M.  The Effect of Educating Health Promotion Strategies on Self-Care Self-Efficacy in Patients Undergoing Kidney Transplantation: A Double Blind Randomized Trial. Nursing and Midwifery Studies. 2013;2(4):64-70 PMCID: PMC4228901 ~
Urstad, K H. ; Oyen, O ; Andersen, M H. ; Moum, T ; Wahl, A K. The effect of an educational intervention for renal recipients: a randomized controlled trial. Clinical Transplantation. 2012;26(3):E246-53 PMID: 22686948 ~
Ye HJ1, Hu LJ, Yao YY, Chen JH. The effects of two health education models on psychological and nutritional profile of patients waiting for kidney transplantation.  Zhonghua Nei Ke Za Zhi. 2011;50(10):845-7 PMID: 22321325

Health Research Classification System category Renal and Urogenital
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While on dialysis patients receive no counselling re. care and management of a transplant? Can regular access to a CNS help? How useful was the information received about the kidney transplant process prior to the operation? Was sufficient information given about the post transplant operation drug regime? How can the information that is provided to patients be delivered in a more effective way prior to transplantation? I find patients often say "I wasn't told about that" when they often were - but there is clearly a balance to be struck between [1] information overload and scaring patients [2] not providing sufficient information [3] resource use/limited staff time etc. how can transplant recipient self management and empowerment be enhanced/


Comparison Education and training
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Outcomes to be measured Patient and graft survival, graft function, adverse events
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PSP name Kidney Transplant
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Date of priority setting workshop 3 February 2016