Endometriosis affects an estimated 1 in 10 women during their reproductive years. Through this PSP women with endometriosis, people who support them, and clinicians who treat them worked together to agree which are the most important uncertainties in Endometriosis for future research to answer. 

Led by the University of Edinburgh, this PSP began its work in November 2015. It aimed to shape the future Endometriosis research agenda and act as a catalyst for more research in this area.  The first survey was answered by 1,225 people from the UK and Ireland, who submitted 4,767 uncertainties between them.  A further 111 research uncertainties were identified from literature searches.  After removing questions that had already been answered and combining very similar questions, 72 confirmed uncertainties were listed in the interim priority setting survey and 1,418 people voted on the questions that were most important to them.

The Endometriosis PSP published its Top 10 in May 2017.

Key documents

Endometriosis PSP Protocol