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UNCERTAINTY: How do e-cigarettes compare to other treatments for stopping smoking, in terms of effectiveness, cost-effectiveness, long-term abstinence, and relapse to smoking?   (JLA PSP Priority 6)
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Some reviews looking at effectiveness of e-cigarettes, but not in terms of cost-effectiveness, long-term abstinence or relapse.  Hersi, Mona, et al. "Effectiveness of stop smoking interventions among adults: protocol for an overview of systematic reviews and an updated systematic review." Systematic reviews 8.1 (2019): 28.  Liu, Xing, et al. "Efficiency and adverse events of electronic cigarettes: A systematic review and meta-analysis (PRISMA-compliant article)." Medicine 97.19 (2018). (looks at rates of smoking reduction and smoking cessation in e-cig users. Doesn't compare effectiveness to other methods.)  Gentry, Sarah, Nita G. Forouhi, and Caitlin Notley. "Are electronic cigarettes an effective aid to smoking cessation or reduction among vulnerable groups? A systematic review of quantitative and qualitative evidence." Nicotine and Tobacco Research 21.5 (2018): 602-616. (low quality evidence).  El Dib, Regina, et al. "Electronic nicotine delivery systems and/or electronic non-nicotine delivery systems for tobacco smoking cessation or reduction: a systematic review and meta-analysis." BMJ open 7.2 (2017): e012680. (only two RCTs, and some cohort studies. Suggests a possible increase in tobacco smoking cessation with ENDS in comparison with ENNDS, but no firm conclusions made. High quality RCTs are needed. )

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Original uncertainty examples What is the success rate compared to other methods of quitting smoking? ~ What are the relapse rate for quitters using E cigs compared to NRT?
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Date of priority setting workshop 20 September 2019