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UNCERTAINTY: How well can digital technology (without human support) replace the human aspects of therapy e.g. the therapeutic relationship that develops between two people? (JLA PSP Priority 16)
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Original uncertainty examples By focusing on digital technology for mental health problems will the critical value of relationship be lost? ~ How can we get a tailored therapeutic tool for each metal health problem without an interpersonal rapport? ~ How helpful is it to have digital technology for people with mental health problems when often people find it easier to engage by having face to face meetings and developing relationships? ~ There is a great deal of support in counselling/psychotherapy efficacy studies about the importance of the therapeutic relationship. Building an effective therapeutic alliance is something that takes place between human beings & there are many subtleties involved in this process. How can digital technology address this very human dimension of the process of therapy?
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PSP name Digital Technology for Mental Health
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Date of priority setting workshop 12 March 2018