Diabetes (Type 2)

Diabetes UK identified the Top 10 research priorities of people with Type 2 Diabetes, carers and healthcare professionals.

The PSP launched its initial survey in May 2016. See the video below from Diabetes UK explaining why contributing to the PSP was important.

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“It’s been a huge privilege to understand what matters most to people with Type 2 diabetes. These priorities are a really important step in helping us achieve our goal of maximising the benefit of research for people with diabetes. The priorities will allow us, and researchers across the UK, to think strategically to deliver the knowledge that could significantly improve the lives of people with Type 2 diabetes in the future.”

Dr Elizabeth Robertson, Director of Research, Diabetes UK


The Diabetes (Type 2) PSP Top 10 was published in October 2017.

Key documents

Diabetes (Type 2) PSP protocol

Diabetes (Type 2) final report