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UNCERTAINTY: Why aren't there progestogen only transdermal patches, gels, vaginal rings or combined injections available for use as contraception?   (JLA PSP Priority 27)
Overall ranking 27
JLA question ID 0049/27
Explanatory note These preparations exist, but are not licensed be for contraception in the UK. The uptake of the combined patch is relatively low (1.3 percent of women attending SRH clinics used this as their primary method) there are not overall prescription figures for the patch or ring in England.  Cost maybe a factor in accessing in HCP not prescribing these methods. 

Combination injectable contraceptives for contraception Maria F Gallo, David A Grimes, Laureen M Lopez, Kenneth F Schulz, Catherine d'Arcangues.: October 2008 

Safety of the progesterone-releasing vaginal ring (PVR) among lactating women: A systematic review. Shannon L. Carr, Mary E. Gaffield, Monica V. Dragoman, Sharon Phillips, Contraception, Vol. 94, Issue 3, p253–261, Published online: April 10, 2015, Open Access


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Why is there no progestogen only transdermal option?  (Patient)

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Date of priority setting workshop 21 April 2017