Priority 23 from the Contraception PSP

UNCERTAINTY: Does ovulation, menstrual cycles and fertility return to normal immediately contraception is stopped?  (JLA PSP Priority 23)
Overall ranking 23
JLA question ID 0049/23
Explanatory note This review looks at likelihood of ovulation after missed pills. The only contraceptive that is recognised that fertility may not return immediately in the hormone injection. The quality of this evidence is low. 

Effect of missed combined hormonal contraceptives on contraceptive effectiveness: a systematic review, Lauren B. Zapata, Maria W. Steenland, Dalia Brahmi, Polly A. Marchbanks, Kathryn M. Curtis, Contraception, Vol. 87, Issue 5, p685–700, Published online: October 22, 2012

Health Research Classification System category Reproductive Health and Childbirth
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Original uncertainty examples

“How long will it usually take to get pregnant  after stopping the pill.?” (Patient)  ~  “Useful to know about average length of time to conception once stopping a contraceptive to help women who are planning their families.” (Patient)

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PSP information
PSP unique ID 0049
PSP name Contraception
Total number of uncertainties identified by this PSP. 57  (To see a full list of all uncertainties identified, please see the detailed spreadsheet held on the JLA website)
Date of priority setting workshop 21 April 2017