Community Nursing

Lady talking to a community nurse

The Community Nursing Priority Setting Partnership (PSP) will work with patients, carers and clinicians to identify uncertainties about community nursing in England, in relation to the provision of nursing care to adults (over 18 years) in their own homes, in community nurse led clinics, or in residential homes.

The project is being led by a group of NIHR 70@70 senior nurse leaders. The NIHR 70@70 programme was set up in 2018 with the aim strengthening the research voice and influence of nurses and midwives in health and social care settings. 

The initial question-gathering survey for this PSP will be closing on 15 February 2021.  The interim priority setting survey will be launching in spring/summer 2021. 

Key documents

Community Nursing PSP Protocol

Community Nursing PSP Terms of Reference