Priority 23 from the Broken Bones of the Upper Limb in People over 50

UNCERTAINTY: Does showing people over 50 with an upper limb fracture their x-rays lead to better outcomes and better patient satisfaction / experience?   (JLA PSP Priority 23)
Overall ranking 23
JLA question ID 0093/23
Explanatory note All patients who sustain an upper limb fracture have an x-ray, however, not all patients get to see them. Many patients felt that they understood their injury better after they had seen their x-ray and that this helped them to understand what the clinician was telling them. This question looks to determine if patients who see their x-rays have a better experience during their management and whether they engage in their treatment which could lead to a better recovery.

Lindeque, B; et al.  Tablets in trauma: using mobile computing platforms to improve patient understanding and experience. Orthopedics; Mar 2013; vol. 36 (no. 3); p. 205-208

Nasser FS; et al. Reviewing radiographic images with patients: results of a trial on patient preferences, understanding, and satisfaction. Journal of endourology; Dec 2010; vol. 24 (no. 12); p. 2083-2091

Health Research Classification System category  Injuries and Accidents
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Original uncertainty examples Can patient see x-ray to visualise their injury and understand it? ~ Can I see the x-rays? ~ How to position the limb for the X-ray without causing more pain? ~ Please show me the x-rays - is that where the damage is? ~ Why can't the patient be routinely shown the X-ray with a short explanation? 
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PSP unique ID 0093
PSP name Broken Bones of the Upper Limb in People over 50 PSP
Total number of uncertainties identified by this PSP. 50  (To see a full list of all uncertainties identified, please see the detailed spreadsheet held on the JLA website)
Date of priority setting workshop 3 December 2018