Priority 21 from the Paediatric Lower Limb Surgery PSP

UNCERTAINTY: What is the best way to treat idiopathic (unexplained) tip toe walking? (JLA PSP Priority 21)
Overall ranking 21
JLA question ID 0081/21
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SR: van Bemmel AF et al. Outcome after conservative and operative treatment of children with idiopathic toewalking: a systematic review of literature. Musculoskelet Surg. 2014 Aug;98(2):87-93.

Health Research Classification System category  Musculoskeletal
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Original uncertainty examples What are the indications for tendo Achilles lengthening in an idiopathic tip toe walker? ~ Tip toe walking and idiopathic heel cord tightness. What level correction is best? ~ What is the best treatment protocol for tip toe walking in children?
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PSP unique ID 0081
PSP name  Paediatric Lower Limb Surgery
Total number of uncertainties identified by this PSP. 75  (To see a full list of all uncertainties identified, please see the detailed spreadsheet held on the JLA website)
Date of priority setting workshop 17 November 2018