New PSP launches to identify unanswered questions about miscarriage

Published: 17 November 2015

A new Priority Setting Partnership (PSP) survey has opened, giving everyone affected by miscarriage and recurrent miscarriage the chance to submit their unanswered questions about the condition. From the responses, the top 10 priority questions for future miscarriage research to answer will be identified.

The Miscarriage PSP is asking women, their partners and families, to complete the survey with the questions they couldn’t find answers to.  The team wants to hear from health and social care professionals too, who can submit their own unanswered questions or the questions they are asked by patients. 

Whatever it is about miscarriage that you wish there was an answer to, the PSP wants to hear.  Effective research can improve care and treatment, making a real difference to women’s lives. All survey responses are valuable, and the survey results will go on to help direct future research into miscarriage.

If you or someone you know has experience of miscarriage, please visit the survey to tell the PSP what questions it is important for future research to answer.  The survey is open until 4 January 2016.


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