Latest version of the James Lind Alliance Guidebook published

Published: 04 March 2016

The JLA Guidebook has been fully updated.  Published in February 2016, Version 6 of the Guidebook has been condensed and revised to take account of learning from Priority Setting Partnerships (PSPs) over the last few years.   It contains new examples, kindly supplied by PSPs, to help bring the process to life.  Originally launched in 2010, the Guidebook is aimed at people who are interested in the JLA’s priority setting process: namely, patients and their carers, clinicians and the organisations that represent them.

The Guidebook is a step-by-step guide to what’s involved in the JLA priority setting process and it is essential reading for anyone wanting to run a PSP.  Used in conjunction with support from a JLA Adviser, it helps PSPs to work effectively using tried-and-tested methods to ensure credible and useful outcomes.   

The whole JLA team contributed to this new version and took into account many of the suggestions made by past and present users of the Guidebook.

The JLA method is continuously evolving. As evidence of new approaches and good practice emerges, the Guidebook will be updated again.  It can be navigated online or a PDF is available for download.

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