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An update on progress after the ME/CFS PSP

Sonya Chowdhury, Chief Executive of Action for ME updates us on progress after the ME/CFS PSP and introduces the ME/CFS Interim Delivery Plan.

Published: 14 September 2023

Reflections on Rapid Priority Setting and the James Lind Alliance method

In recent years the JLA has fielded several questions about the feasibility of speeding up its method. This paper describes three alternative priority setting approaches undertaken in a shorter timeframe than a typical JLA PSP, compares them with the full JLA PSP approach, and assesses the extent to which JLA principles can be met with these approaches.

Published: 01 June 2023

The JLA is recruiting advisers to join the team

The James Lind Alliance (JLA) is adding to the team of JLA Advisers. JLA Advisers are independent consultants who contract with the University of Southampton to support and facilitate JLA Priority Setting Partnerships.

Published: 15 May 2023

Goodbye from Katherine: reflections on my 15 years with the JLA

As we prepare to say goodbye to Katherine Cowan when she steps down from her role as Senior Adviser to the James Lind Alliance, it’s the ideal time to reflect on her journey as part of the JLA and her incredible achievements working in the role.

Published: 16 March 2023

A refresh for Emergency Medicine

Following on from the original PSP in emergency medicine in 2017, this blog discusses the emergency medicine refresh in light of the ever-changing healthcare landscape.

Published: 08 February 2023

Stephanie: 'Giving my little girl a voice'

Stephanie; mum and full-time carer to Maisie-May powerfully shares her experience of participation in the UK Epilepsy PSP and highlights the importance of giving her daughter and others affected by epilepsy a voice to shape the future of epilepsy research.

Published: 02 February 2023

Adapting JLA methods to set community priorities

Aamnah Rahman explains how the Born in Bradford study used adapted JLA methods to set priorities for a community approach to applied health involving Bradford families.

Published: 21 October 2022