COPD Flare-ups PSP Engagement Summary


Published: 06 May 2021

Version: 1

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Gathering uncertainties

Methods used (eg, survey, focus groups, interviews): Survey

  Number %
Total respondents (across all methods) 571 100
Total patients and carers 457 80
Total health and care professionals 110 19
Total number of original uncertainties submitted 1912 100
Original uncertainties in scope 791 41.4
Original uncertainties out of scope 1121 58.6


Interim prioritisation

Methods used (eg, survey, focus groups, interviews): Survey

  Number %
Total number of indicative questions (answered & unanswered) 59 100
Number of verified answered questions 7 12
Number of verified unanswered questions 52 88
Number of verified unanswered questions included in the interim prioritisation 51  
Total respondents (across all methods) 191 100
Total patients and carers 83 44
Total health and care professionals 101 53
Number of questions taken to final workshop 16  


Final priority setting workshop

  Number %
Total participants 14 100
Total patients and carers 7 50
Total health and care professionals 7 50


This section includes risks and benefits of miscellaneous other interventions in the treatment of COPD exacerbations.” This indicative unanswered question has been removed from the interim analysis because the steering group felt that this question will not add any new information and it is mostly covered by other questions.

Total number of participants includes “others”, (4 in the first survey and 7 in the interim survey).