Quality Use of Medicines in People Living with Dementia (Australia) PSP Engagement Summary


Published: 07 December 2022

Version: 1

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Gathering uncertainties

Methods used (eg, survey, focus groups, interviews): surveys, key informant interviews and existing key documents


  Number %
Total respondents (across all methods) 236 100
Total patients and carers 151  64
Total health and care professionals 85  36 
Total number of original uncertainties submitted 545  100 
Original uncertainties in scope 519  95 
Original uncertainties out of scope 26 


Interim prioritisation

Methods used (eg, survey, focus groups, interviews): surveys


  Number %
Total number of indicative questions (answered & unanswered) 67  100
Number of verified answered questions
Number of verified unanswered questions 67*  100 
Number of verified unanswered questions included in the interim prioritisation 54   
Total respondents (across all methods) 238  100 
Total patients and carers 171  72 
Total health and care professionals 67  28 
Number of questions taken to final workshop 16   

 *4 questions were determined to be partially answered and were reworded to focus on the unanswered aspect of the question

Final priority setting workshop

  Number %
Total participants 17 100
Total patients and carers 8 47
Total health and care professionals 53 


eg please explain if totals do not add up to 100%