Steering group members

Suzannah Kinsella

Suzannah joined the James Lind Alliance team as an adviser in April 2019.  Since then she has chaired ten priority setting partnerships, including Stroke, Community Nursing and currently a global PSP on Burn Injury.

Her career started in advertising and marketing, working for Ogilvy & Mather in London and Toronto. She then moved to a government role, working in public engagement for the former Cabinet Office unit, the Central Office of Information. 

For the past ten years she has worked in social research, specialising in deliberative engagement, including public dialogue, citizens’ juries and assemblies. Topics have included uses of health and care data, organ donation, whole genome sequencing and the use of biometric technologies.

Her role will be to ensure the Veterans’ Health PSP is guided by the JLA methodology, chair the Steering Group meetings and facilitate the final workshop.

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