Vision Loss (Australia) PSP

Inherited Retinal Diseases (IRD) are the leading cause of blindness in children and adults of working age, affecting around 1 in 3,000 people. 

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About the Vision Loss Priority Setting Partnership

The Vision Loss PSP launched in May 2023 and will work with people in Australia who are living with an Inherited Retinal Disease, guardians and family members of those living with an Inherited Retinal Disease, and health professionals involved in caring for individuals living with an Inherited Retinal Disease. The project aims to identify the priorities for researchers who are working to better diagnose, treat and manage Inherited Retinal Diseases.

The PSP is being run by the Behavioural Sciences Unit, affiliated with the University of New South Wales, Sydney.

Further information

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Key documents

These documents set out the aims, objectives and commitments of the PSP.

Steering Group

The PSP had a Steering Group, which managed the work.