Cardiomyopathy PSP

Cardiomyopathy is group of conditions that affect the structure of the heart and reduce its ability to pump blood around the body. It can affect anyone, at any age and is thought to occur in around 1 in 300 people in the UK.

About the Cardiomyopathy Priority Setting Partnership

The Cardiomyopathy PSP launched in November 2022 and worked with people affected by cardiomyopathy (patients of any age and carers) and clinicians to identify and prioritise uncertainties about all aspects of the management of cardiomyopathy.

The PSP was run by Cardiomyopathy UK .

The Cardiomyopathy PSP Top 10 was published in March 2024.

Top 10 priorities

These are the research priorities agreed to be the most important.

Further information

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