In the UK, one in 10 people and nearly a third of the elderly population aged over 70 years suffer from breathlessness. 

About the Breathlessness Priority Setting Partnership

As our population is ageing with increasing multimorbidity, the number of people affected globally will increase. Breathlessness is also a key symptom of the COVID-19 pandemic and it can persist after the infection

The Breathlessness PSP, led by Asthma & Lung UK,  launched in November 2023 and will work with patients, carers and clinicians to identify and prioritise uncertainties about the diagnosis, treatment, self-management and prevention of breathlessness.  For the purpose of this PSP, Breathlessness is defined as a symptom, irrespective of the specific underlying condition(s) which may be causing it.  

The Breathlessness PSP initial survey opened in November 2023 and is now closed.  The next stage later in 2024 will be for the PSP to issue a shortlisting survey containing a list of unanswered questions which people with lived experience, families, carers and healthcare professionals will be asked to comment on.

Further information

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Key documents

These documents set out the aims, objectives and commitments of the PSP.