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Diabetes and Pregnancy PSP Engagement Summary


Gathering uncertainties

Methods used (eg, survey, focus groups, interviews)

Online and paper-based survey

  Number %
Total respondents (across all methods) 466 100
Total patients and carers (including “other” and not answered) 317 68
Total health and care professionals 149 32
Total number of original uncertainties submitted 1161 100
Original uncertainties in scope 934 80
Original uncertainties out of scope 227 20


Interim prioritisation

Methods used (eg, survey, focus groups, interviews): 

Online survey

  Number %
Total number of indicative questions (answered & unanswered) 60 100
Number of verified answered questions 0  0
Number of verified unanswered questions 60 100 
Number of verified unanswered questions included in the interim prioritisation 60  
Total respondents (across all methods) 614 100 
Total patients and carers 493 80 
Total health and care professionals 121 20 
Number of questions taken to final workshop 18  


Final priority setting workshop

  Number %
Total participants 25 100
Total patients and carers 11 44
Total health and care professionals 14 56


The interim survey and final workshop were conducted fully online due to the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions during 2020