Bleeding Disorders PSP Question Verification Form


Published: 13 February 2020

Version: 1.0

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The purpose of this Question Verification Form is to enable Priority Setting Partnerships (PSPs) to describe clearly how they checked that their questions were unanswered, before starting the interim prioritisation stage of the process. 

The JLA requires PSPs to be transparent and accountable in defining their own scope and evidence checking process. This will enable researchers and other stakeholders to understand how individual PSPs decided that their questions were unanswered, and any limitations of their evidence checking.  

Name of the PSP

Bleeding Disorders

Please describe the scope of the PSP

The PSP intended to cover research into all bleeding disorders, inherited and acquired. It did not include bleeding related to anticoagulant therapy.

Please provide a brief overview of your approach to checking whether the questions were unanswered

First the questions were collated and merged when the panel felt they were asking the same or similar question. Evidence for answers to the question were sought using the key terms in the question on medline. The search was limited as described below.

The remaining articles were viewed manually and selected for possible relevance.

The final list was then reviewed by the PSP at a face to face meeting.

Evidence was cross checked with PSP members’ personal knowledge.

Please list the types of evidence you used to verify your questions as unanswered

Evidence was sought only in peer reviewed medical and scientific literature.

Please list the sources that you searched in order to identify that evidence

Articles published in Medline listed journals.

What search terms did you use?

The search terms were dependent on the specific questions.

Please describe the parameters of the search

Searches were limited to articles published after 1990 and published in the English language.

This was agreed as reasonable by the PSP who felt it was unlikely that published answers would be missed by this strategy.

Names of individuals who undertook the evidence checking

Michael Laffan

Approved by the rest of the PSP.

On what date was the question verification process completed?

22 February 2018