Anaesthesia (Canada) Engagement Summary


Published: 12 February 2020

Version: 1.0

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Gathering uncertainties

Methods used (eg, survey, focus groups, interviews)


  Number %
Total respondents (across all methods) 254 100
Total patients and carers 186 73.2
Total health and care professionals 180 70.9
Total number of original uncertainties submitted 574 100
Original uncertainties in scope 505 88
Original uncertainties out of scope 69 12


Interim prioritisation

Methods used (eg, survey, focus groups, interviews):


  Number %
Total number of indicative questions (answered & unanswered) 49 100
Number of verified answered questions 0 0
Number of verified unanswered questions 49 100
Number of verified unanswered questions included in the interim prioritisation 49  
Total respondents (across all methods) 233 100
Total patients and carers 68 29.1
Total health and care professionals 158 67.8
Number of questions taken to final workshop 24  


Final priority setting workshop

  Number %
Total participants 22 100
Total patients and carers 14 63.6
Total health and care professionals 8 36.4



For the first survey, we allowed people to identify with multiple categories (e.g., patient, healthcare provider), so some people chose more than one option. For the second survey, respondents could choose only one option. We also included the category of “know someone who has had surgery/anesthesia,” which is separate from the categories of patients and carers.