JLA and the NIHR Race Equality Framework

Published: 28 April 2022

The JLA has been piloting a new Race Equality Framework, designed by the NIHR Race Equality Public Action Group (REPAG).

The Framework focuses on improving the experience of Black African-, Asian- and Caribbean-heritage communities of health and social care research.

The Framework addresses the racial competency of an organisation. Racial competence is defined by REPAG as:

‘the ability to recognise and check one's own bias; interact with racial diversity in a positive manner; and have open and honest conversations about race in ways that show a willingness to hear, learn and take action. Racial competence means understanding the impact of structural racism and fostering a culture of allyship that challenges organisational practices and behaviours that exclude Black African-, Asian- and Caribbean-heritage people and other racialised groups. Being racially competent means translating our statements into action to promote equity of voice and equality of opportunity’

Source: NIHR Race Equality Framework.

The Framework encourages us to confront difficult issues and ask ourselves challenging questions across five domains: individual responsibility; leadership; public partnerships; recruitment; systems and processes.

We want to make improvements in our work in order to help challenge the culture of inequity that exists within health and care research. The Race Equality Framework has begun a process of constant review and meaningful scrutiny within the JLA, asking who is excluded from our work and why, and how can we better support the inclusion of marginalised communities. 

We were thrilled to be included in the published Race Equality Framework.  Please read the JLA's case study.

We will keep our website updated with the plans we have and hope to bring more news soon.

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