Psoriatic Arthritis PSP Engagement Summary


Published: 19 January 2022

Version: 1

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Gathering uncertainties

Methods used (eg, survey, focus groups, interviews): Online survey. Platform used, Jisc Online surveys and email submissions.

  Number %
Total respondents (across all methods) 328 109*
Total patients and carers 269 82
Total health and care professionals 87 27
Total number of original uncertainties submitted 999 100
Original uncertainties in scope 860 86
Original uncertainties out of scope 139 14


Interim prioritisation

Methods used (eg, survey, focus groups, interviews):


  Number %
Total number of indicative questions (answered & unanswered) 46 100
Number of verified answered questions 0 0
Number of verified unanswered questions 46 100
Number of verified unanswered questions included in the interim prioritisation 46  
Total respondents (across all methods) 422 99**
Total patients friends/family and carers 341 81
Total health and care professionals 74 18
Number of questions taken to final workshop 18  


Final priority setting workshop

  Number %
Total participants 24 100
Total patients and carers 13 54
Total health and care professionals 11 46



e.g. please explain if totals do not add up to 100%
*The total respondents for ‘Total respondents (across all methods)’ does not add up to 100% (109%) because the way the questions were structured in the survey meant that you could answer multiple questions as yes or no. For example, you could be a person with psoriatic arthritis and a health and care professional working with people with psoriatic arthritis. In this example you would be a ‘yes’ for both questions.
**The total respondents for the interim prioritisation survey (patients, friends/family, carers and health and care professionals) does not add up to 100% (99%) because 7 respondents (1%) skipped this question.