The survey

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Have your say in improving the future of Social Work for Adults in England.  What are the most important questions for future research to answer?

We recently asked people to tell us their comments and questions about adult social work in a survey.  We did this because we want to find out what research needs to happen to improve social work.  Thank you to everyone who sent in comments and questions.

We have made a list of the questions that came from the original survey.

Please click here to take our survey and choose the questions from the list that are most important to you.  Please ask others to complete the survey too.  We want to make researchers aware of the issues that matter to lots of people.  The survey closes on 1st July 2018.

Please take part in this survey if:

  • You or someone you care for has received advice or help from a social worker for adults in England

  • You are a registered social worker or a social work student

  • You work alongside social workers in England, in any settings, for example in health, criminal justice, housing or long-term care

Paper copy of the survey:

If you would like a paper copy of the survey, please click below to download one.  Or, please telephone 023 80 595489 and we will post one out to you.  Your completed survey can be sent back to us FREEPOST.

Click here to get a PDF of the survey

Click here to get a Word document of the survey

Working as a group

We know that some people are discussing the questions in the survey within a group they attend and are putting them in order of priority as a group before responding to the survey.  If this would be a helpful option for a group that you know of and you would like some materials to help with this (eg, the questions printed on cards, or paper copies of the survey), please email  

By telling us what you think, we can help make sure that research answers the questions that matter to you.  We want to understand what works best for different people, including people living with mental health problems, with learning disabilities, physical disabilities and for older people.  The Chief Social Worker for Adults in the Department of Health set up this process.