How we will do it

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We want to find out the unanswered questions about adult social work in England so that people can do research to help answer the questions.

To find these questions, the PSP has asked people to complete a survey saying what their comments and questions about adult social work are.  This survey closed in January 2018.

We are now working on listing the questions we have received from people about adult social work, and checking that research hasn't already answered them.  We will then ask everyone to help us put the questions in order of importance by choosing the ones that are most important to them in another survey.

Then, once we have the most important questions in a list, we will have a meeting to discuss the questions and put them in order.

Social workers and the members of the public they work with will be at the meeting.  This will help us make sure that when we agree the most important questions, they are what social workers and people who need their help really want to see researched.

Once we have the final list, we will promote it to researchers and the people who fund research.  They will then know what it is most important to research.