Preparing for the workshop

There are reports of PSP final workshops on the JLA website that describe how the meeting is organised.  PSPs should aim to invite participants approximately eight weeks before the workshop, to allow people to make arrangements to be able to attend.  Once participation has been agreed, the following should be prepared before the workshop, with guidance from the JLA Adviser:

A confirmation email, sent a month in advance, containing:

  • a Declaration of Interests form for participants, also requesting a short biography.  This can also be done via an online form, perhaps using SurveyMonkey.

A reminder email sent a week in advance, containing:

  • the workshop agenda (see the Key Documents section of the Mesothelioma PSP)
  • a plain language guide to the final workshop (see the Key Documents section of the Anaesthesia and Perioperative Care PSP)
  • a participant worksheet showing the shortlist of questions, with clear instructions for participants to rank the questions before the workshop and be prepared to discuss them on the day (see the Key Documents section of the Mild to Moderate Hearing Loss PSP).  It is important to remind participants that these are the questions which have been chosen as important by ‘real people’
  • a summary of workshop participants, informed by their biographical details (some people may feel more comfortable participating and less intimidated if they know some simple, friendly details about the participants beforehand)
  • clear directions to the venue
  • a glossary for participants if this is felt appropriate, although accessible language should be used throughout.

A briefing paper for the facilitators (prepared by the JLA Adviser).

Materials for the workshop

  • one set of cards per facilitator showing the questions to be discussed, printed double sided to include background information and data on the reverse to help with group discussions (see the Key Documents section of the Schizophrenia PSP)
  • name badges (usually with just first and last names, rather than titles, to discourage any perceptions of hierarchy between the professionals and the patients)
  • allocation of participants to morning and afternoon small groups, pre-agreed with the JLA Adviser, ensuring a balance of patient, carer and clinician representation
  • ranking forms for each of the small groups, to be completed by the small group facilitators
  • travel expenses claim forms (ideally with freepost envelopes to return them in)
  • signs to use on the doors of meeting rooms
  • a workshop feedback form, to be either included in the delegate pack or sent later
  • spare participant worksheets and agendas.

A draft ‘thank you’ email for use afterwards.

As with any meeting, it is important to make the right arrangements for an accessible meeting room that is located somewhere convenient for people to travel to, with breakout rooms for smaller group discussions.  PSPs will need to consider payment of travel expenses and provide expenses claim forms on the day.

Final priority setting workshops typically start at 10am and finish at 4pm, so refreshments and lunch will need to be provided throughout.