Chapter 5: Setting up a PSP

Setting up the Steering Group

As set out earlier, the Steering Group is made up of key organisations and individuals who collectively can represent all or the majority of issues related to the Priority Setting Partnership (PSP), either individually or through their networks.  It is helpful if members of the Steering Group are from organisations with resources to offer to the process, such as funding, staff, time and expertise.  The person who made the initial approach to the JLA will have thought about and started to prepare the following:

  • a strategy for ensuring collaboration between patient, carer and clinician groups
  • sources of funding to run the PSP
  • resources to undertake the process of checking the uncertainties
  • resources for the day-to-day running of the PSP
  • the anticipated outcomes of the process, including plans for dissemination.

The Steering Group will work closely with the PSP Project Coordinator and the JLA Adviser.  The Steering Group will typically meet on a monthly basis.  This can be by teleconference although at certain points in the project a face to face meeting will be useful and it is always advisable to hold the initial meeting face to face to enable the group to build an effective working relationship.  The JLA Adviser will chair the Steering Group meetings to ensure neutrality and transparency and adherence to the JLA process.

The Steering Group should check whether or not any members wish to remain anonymous and not be publicly identifiable as being involved in the PSP.  This may mean ensuring some names are not included in public documentation or on the PSP website.  There is a template form online to help with collecting consent to use personal details in publicity.

Steering Group Documentation

There are three important documents to tailor and complete when setting up a Steering Group: 

  1. The Steering Group Terms of Reference (docx, 109.36 KB), which documents the background to the PSP and the Steering Group tasks and level of involvement 
  2. The PSP Protocol (docx, 59.65 KB), which sets out the aims, objectives and methods of the PSP
  3. A Declaration of Interests (docx, 59.74 KB) document, to be completed by each member of the Steering Group, to create a culture of transparency in the group and help the JLA Adviser manage potential bias.

Links to these are also in the Templates and useful documents section of the JLA website.