What are the costs involved in running a PSP?

The costs involved in running a PSP can vary considerably.  Many of the costs depend on the in-house knowledge and resources of the PSP, the help that can be provided ‘in kind’ by Steering Group members and other supporters and the scope of the PSP.  As a guide, the JLA has a spreadsheet of indicative costs, based on the costs involved in running previous PSPs.  Please email jla@southampton.ac.uk if you would like a copy.  Costs need to be covered by the PSP budget.  Funds may come from one main organisation or charity or smaller contributions may be made by a number of partners in the PSP.  If supporters of your PSP can provide, for example, administration support, meeting rooms and catering, or the time of an Information Specialist, at no cost, then overall PSP costs will be kept to a minimum.  Key costs are likely to be:

  • JLA Adviser time
  • PSP Project Coordinator time
  • PSP Lead time
  • Information Specialist time
  • venue hire, refreshments and reimbursement of travel expenses for Steering Group meetings and final workshop
  • website, communication and survey costs
  • publications, reports or articles about findings and making these open access if possible.