Who's who in the Priority Setting Partnership

Who's who in the Priority Setting Partnership


 JLA Adviser, PSP Leader, PSP Project Coordinator

 Steering Group


 Wider stakeholders
(patients, carers, clinicians)


Steering Group: a small group that coordinates and implements the activity of the PSP. It includes representatives of patients and clinicians, as well as a JLA Adviser.

Partner: a member of the PSP participating in the prioritisation of treatment uncertainties for research.  A partner represents and can advocate for patients, carers or clinicians. They can be an individual or from an organisation.
Patients: individuals with experience of the health problem and those who represent them, including carers, relatives and charities.

Clinicians: all types of health professionals with experience of caring for people with the health problem, including organisations or groups who represent them.

The overall structure and role of the PSP is set out in the Protocol document. An overview of the key roles and required competencies (pdf, 45.35 KB) is available, which includes examples of key tasks undertaken by each role.