Chapter 12: Follow up

Following up with the JLA

After the final workshop, the JLA is keen to receive feedback from PSPs about their view of the process, methods, results and costs.  PSP Leads are encouraged to complete a short feedback survey which they will receive from the JLA, and to pass it on to other members of the Steering Group where appropriate so that they can feed their comments back directly to the JLA.  The survey provides an opportunity for PSPs to comment on the JLA process which will help to inform future development work for the JLA.  The JLA team is keen to hear all views – good or bad.

PSP Leads are also asked to record basic statistics for the JLA.  These include the number of survey responses, number of uncertainties received, and the number shortlisted for interim prioritisation.  Having this information enables the JLA to better understand the detail of each priority setting process, and provide helpful information to prospective PSPs.

Long-term evaluation

The JLA recognises that assessing the value and impact of a PSP is challenging.  It can take a significant amount of time to go from identification of a priority to starting funded research, and even longer for that research to report its outcomes.  Tracking the outcomes of the priorities is also challenging as they may be taken up by any researcher across the world, who may not report back to the PSP.

The JLA is nevertheless interested in reflecting on what difference the PSP has made in the long term.  It is interested in how PSPs can track the impact of their process in innovative ways. For example, the Sight Loss and Vision PSP reviewed the impact of their PSP one year after its completion and reported on funded research on the PSP website.  Members of the Childhood Disability PSP team wrote an update for the JLA website, just over a year after the PSP was completed, reviewing what had happened to some of the priorities identified.  The Palliative and end of life Care PSP also wrote an update one year after completion of the PSP.

To help with tracking and reporting on what impact PSPs are having overall, it is useful for the JLA to know about funded research resulting from the work of a PSP.  The JLA team will note NIHR research that they can identify as relating to a priority identified by a PSP.  It will also be helpful to hear when research is recognised by the PSP as answering uncertainties it discovered and occasionally during the years following a PSP, the JLA may contact PSP Leads to ask for their feedback about impact